Mammalian Cell Cultures for Biologics Manufacturing

Volume 139 of the series Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology pp 69-92

Equipment for Large-Scale Mammalian Cell Culture

  • Sadettin S. OzturkAffiliated withMassBiologics of the University of Massachussets Medical School Email author 

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This chapter provides information on commonly used equipment in industrial mammalian cell culture, with an emphasis on bioreactors. The actual equipment used in the cell culture process can vary from one company to another, but the main steps remain the same. The process involves expansion of cells in seed train and inoculation train processes followed by cultivation of cells in a production bioreactor. Process and equipment options for each stage of the cell culture process are introduced and examples are provided. Finally, the use of disposables during seed train and cell culture production is discussed.

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Bioreactor Cell culture Cell retention Disposable Monoclonal antibody Perfusion Preculture Scale-up Seed train Single use