Advances in Biogas Technology

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Biogas technology has been practiced for over a century and is widely used in full-scale facilities in China. However, there are still many technological and economic barriers to be overcomed in its applications. Recent advances and multi-disciplinary cooperations in microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering science are bringing new promises of a better understanding and control of the anaerobic digestion processes, and thus a renaissance of this technology. In particular, great progress in biogas technology has been achieved in China in the approach to larger-scale and more widespread applications. This chapter overviews the recent advances in biogas technology in China, evaluates the current challenges, and discusses the emerging technologies and future perspectives.

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Anaerobic digestion Lignocellulosic waste Methanogen Municipal solid waste Process engineering 



The authors wish to thank the NSFC-JST Joint Project (21021140001) for their partial support of this work.


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