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Biorefineries – Multi Product Processes



The development of biorefineries represents the key for access to an integrated production of food, feed, chemicals, materials, goods, and fuels of the future [1]. Biorefineries combine the necessary technologies of the biogenic raw materials with those of intermediates and final products. The main focus is directed at the precursors carbohydrates, lignin, oils, and proteins and the combination between biotechnological and chemical conversion of substances. Currently the lignocellulosic feedstock biorefinery, green biorefinery, whole corn biorefinery, and the so-called two-platform concept are favored in research, development, and industrial implementation.

Biobased industrial products Biogenic raw material Biorefineries Green biorefinery Lignocellulosic feedstock biorefinery Two-platform concept Whole-crop biorefinery 


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  1. 1.Research Institute Bioactive Polymer Systems e.V. and Brandenburg University of Technology CottbusTeltowGermany
  2. 2.Biorefinery.de GmbHPotsdamGermany

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