Automatic Verification of Parameterized Cache Coherence Protocols

  • Giorgio Delzanno
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1855)


We propose a new method for the verification of parameterized cache coherence protocols. Cache coherence protocols are used to maintain data consistency in multiprocessor systems equipped with local fast caches. In our approach we use arithmetic constraints to model possibly infinite sets of global states of a multiprocessor system with many identical caches. In preliminary experiments using symbolic model checkers for infinite-state systems based on real arithmetics (HyTech [HHW97] and DMC [DP99])) we have automatically verified safety properties for parameterized versions of widely implemented write-invalidate and write-update cache coherence policies like the Mesi, Berkeley, Illinois, Firefly and Dragon protocols [Han93]. With this application, we show that symbolic model checking tools originally designed for hybrid and concurrent systems can be applied successfully to a new class of infinite-state systems of practical interest.


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