ASSIST As a Research Framework for High-Performance Grid Programming Environments

  • Marco Aldinucci
  • Massimo Coppola
  • Marco Vanneschi
  • Corrado Zoccolo
  • Marco Danelutto

10.1 Introduction: High-Performance Application Development and Grids

The research activity of our group at the Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa, is focused on programming models and environments for the development of high-performance multidisciplinary applications. The enabling computing platforms we are considering are complex distributed architectures, whose nodes are parallel machines of any kind, including PC/workstation clusters. In general such platforms are characterized by heterogeneity of nodes, and by dynamicity in resource management and allocation. In this context, Grid platforms at various levels of integration [25] are of main interest, including complex distributed structures of general and dedicated subsystems, private heterogeneous networks, and systems for pervasive and ubiquitous computing. In the following, we shall speak of Grids to refer to such architectural scenario.


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