Product Platforms for the Media Industry

  • Lutz Koehler
  • Markus Anding
  • Thomas Hess
Part of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 139)


The concept of product platforms has already been successfully applied in various industries such as automobile and software. Advantages reach from cost savings due to the re-use of product components to the simplified individualization of products. In the media industry, the application of product platforms promises ample benefits due to the industry-specific first copy cost effect and the move towards production and distribution of digital goods. However, product platforms for the media industry have so far not been widely discussed. The paper on hand proposes a framework for the platform-based production and distribution of digital goods, which is customizable for different media business models. The heart of the platform is a repository, storing content modules and content meta data. Further, we distinguish different components for the input and output of content and the platform management, which can be assembled according to the requirements of an individual business model.


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  • Lutz Koehler
  • Markus Anding
  • Thomas Hess

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