• Arne Ardeberg
  • Torben Andersen


Science drivers, technical challenges and solutions are discussed for a 50 m Adaptive-Optics (AO) Extremely Large Telescope (ELT). Among programmes requiring ELT data, special attention is given to the evolution from proto-star shells, via proto-planetary discs to planet formation. Earth-like planets and life signatures are discussed. Kuiper-Belt objects (KBOs) are taken up. Star formation and spatially and temporally resolved stellar observations are discussed. Use and advantage of stellar clusters as probes of galactic evolution is discussed, also for distant galaxies. First-generation supernovae are taken up as tracers of the first stellar generations but also as back-ground objects for mapping of the inter-galactic medium. A proposed European ELT, the Euro50, is described. The Gregory-type optical system, with elliptical primary, f/0.85, and secondary mirrors is discussed as are focus arrangements. The compact, light-weight mechanical structure is discussed together with mirror alignment. Wind-tunnel and computational fluid dynamics tests of an enclosure concept are described. Special attention is given to the adaptive and live optics concepts. Multi-conjugate AO and control of the deformable secondary mirror are discussed together with laser guide stars. The over-all control system is described. Integrated modelling is discussed with emphasis on the importance on wind-load control, an item of crucial importance for an ELT with diffraction-limited operation.


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