Astrophysics and Space Science

pp 23-30

A transition in the accretion properties of AGN

  • Annalisa CelottiAffiliated withS.I.S.S.A.

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This contribution focuses on the evidence for a bimodality in the luminosity believed to be associated with the accretion process in AGN. In particular, it will be stressed that this behavior does seem to be present in an analogous way both in radio-loud and radio-quiet AGN, as inferred from samples selected in an independent way. The found bimodality can be naturally — although not uniquely — interpreted in the frame of the ADIOS solution for radiative inefficient accretion flows. The (so far) qualitative analogy with the behavior of XRB provides an interesting perspective to find a unique framework for the accretion and jet production in accreting black hole systems.


active galactic nuclei accretion