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Procurement of IT products and services (using the method ISPL)



The increased pressure on IT facilities with regard to usage, forces organizations to keep a record of the use of IT objects. Since the arrival of personal computers, we all know about software licences. For every pc that has a word processing programme installed on it, there should be a licence for this word processing programme. The nineties saw the rise of software licences for larger servers, which were priced according to the maximum number of users able to use the software at the same time. The year 2004 saw the advent of utility computing, a form of computing where one only pays for the use of hardware when this is actually used. Keeping a record of the use of objects prevents over-licensing, makes it possible to prove legal use and saves costs because of its transparency. Bout a quart of all European requests in some European countries for proposals over the 1999–2002 period are tenders concerning IT facilities. This extreme representation of IT is on the one hand caused by procurements for solving the year 2000 problem and on the other hand, the IT sector is a sector in which one watches carefully whether authorities comply with the European regulations.


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13. Procurement of IT products and services (such as ISPL)

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