Strategic Actionable Net-Centric Biological Defense System

  • S. Kornguth
Conference paper
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Technologies required for strategic actionable net-centric biological defense systems consist of : 1) multiplexed multi-array sensors for threat agents and for signatures of the host response to infection; 2) novel vaccines and restricted access antivirals/bacterials to reduce emergence of drug resistant strains pre- and post-event; 3) telemedicine capabilities to deliver post-event care to 20,000 victims of a biological strike; and 4) communication systems with intelligent software for resource allocation and redundant pathways that survive catastrophic attack. The integrated system must detect all threat agents with minimal false positive/negative events, a seamless integrated broad-band communications capability that enables conversion of data to actionable information, and novel pre- and post-event treatments. The development of multiplexed multi-array sensors, appropriate vaccines and antibiotics, and integrated communication capabilities are critical to sustaining normal health, commerce, and international activities.


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Anthrax Toxin West Nile Fever Emergent Disease Threat Agent 
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