The Application of the Genetic Algorithm to the Numerical Simulation in Sheet Metal Forming

  • Jingjing Xu
  • Changdong Li
  • Yimin Wu
  • Wei Huang
Part of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 207)


This study presents a genetic algorithm GA adopted for recognizing the material parameters with the nonlinear relation in the sheet metal forming. Firstly the nonlinear regression model is established for the parameters estimation. Then based on the material tensile test the parameters estimation is finished by GA and the least square method LS. At last GA is applied for recognizing the material model parameters and the numerical simulation is finished in the V-shape sheet metal forming.

Key words

Genetic Algorithm Numerical Simulation Parameter Recognition Finite Element Method Nonlinear Material Model 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jingjing Xu
    • 1
  • Changdong Li
    • 1
  • Yimin Wu
    • 1
  • Wei Huang
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Mechanical EngineeringShanghai UniversityChina

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