Implementing Qubits with Superconducting Integrated Circuits

  • Michel H. Devoret
  • John M. Martinis


Superconducting qubits are solid state electrical circuits fabricated using techniques borrowed from conventional integrated circuits. They are based on the Josephson tunnel junction, the only non-dissipative, strongly non-linear circuit element available at low temperature. In contrast to microscopic entities such as spins or atoms, they tend to be well coupled to other circuits, which make them appealling from the point of view of readout and gate implementation. Very recently, new designs of superconducting qubits based on multi-junction circuits have solved the problem of isolation from unwanted extrinsic electromagnetic perturbations. We discuss in this review how qubit decoherence is affected by the intrinsic noise of the junction and what can be done to improve it.

Key Words

Quantum information quantum computation superconducting devices Josephson tunnel junctions integrated circuits 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michel H. Devoret
    • 1
  • John M. Martinis
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Applied Physics DepartmentYale UniversityNew HavenUSA
  2. 2.National Institute of Standards and TechnologyBoulderUSA
  3. 3.Physics DepartmentUniversity of CaliforniaSanta BarbaraUSA

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