Fruit and Vegetable Diseases

Volume 1 of the series Disease Management of Fruits and Vegetables pp 145-188

Nutrient Deficiency Disorders in Vegetables and their Management

  • C. Chatterjee
  • , B. K. Dube

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Among the horticultural crops vegetables have an important position and is a high protective food of dietary complex of human beings. For balanced diet suplementation of vegetables along with cereals and pulses is a necessary step towards complete food. In recent past the production of vegetables have gone up due to adaptation of modern technology and fertilization formulation but still do not show any parallelism with consumption. For sustainable production, the vegetable crops exert tremendous pressure on the soil for nutrients due to their productivity ability. This results in depletion of essential nutrients from the soil. To evaluate fertility status of soils several techniques are in vogue. In addition to visual symptoms of each essential nutrient for various crops their critical concentrations have also been worked out for most of the vegetables. Soil analysis further substantiate these findings for actual nutrient status. In certain cases when visible symptoms due to any deficiency is not perceptible, or the plant shows latent deficiency help of biochemical parameters are also useful.