Organ Preservation for Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Concomitant Chemoradiation

  • Bruce Brockstein
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Treatment options for patients with locoregionally advanced head and neck cancer are now diverse. Surgery plus radiation or surgery plus chemoradiation remain options for patients with resectable disease. The same patients, however, appear to have an equally efficacious option of concomitant chemoradiation, with surgery reserved for salvage only. When performed in experienced settings, non-comparative data seem to indicate the outcome to be equivalent or perhaps even better. Direct comparisons between surgery and chemoradiation are unavailable. These would be extremely useful in terms of understanding optimal treatment, both in terms of cure, organ preservation, function preservation, and quality of life. All patients referred for resection of locoregionally advanced head and neck cancer should also have the option of concomitant chemoradiation discussed if an experienced treatment group is available to the patient.


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