Author-χ: A Java-Based System For XML Data Protection

  • E. Bertino
  • M. Braun
  • S. Castano
  • E. Ferrari
  • M. Mesiti
Part of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing book series (IFIPAICT, volume 73)


Author-χ is a Java-based system for access control to XML documents. Author-χ implements a discretionary access control model specifically tailored to the characteristics of XML documents. In particular, our system allows (i) a set-oriented and single-oriented document protection, by supporting authorizations both at document type and document level; (ii) a differentiated protection of document/document type contents by supporting multi-granularity protection objects and positive/negative authorizations; (iii) a controlled propagation of authorizations among protection objects, by enforcing multiple propagation options.


XML access control authorization base eXcelon Java 


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  • E. Bertino
  • M. Braun
  • S. Castano
  • E. Ferrari
  • M. Mesiti

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