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Created with research community needs in mind, Discover journals — all open access (OA) — focus on supporting researchers in quickly and openly publishing their scientific discoveries.

This means:
  • A streamlined submission process
  • Rapid review and publication
  • A high level of author service at every stage.

Discover journals serve communities spanning all disciplines across the applied, physical, life, medical, and social sciences.

Featured editors

Discover Agriculture

Prof. Mosquera-Losada’s research focuses on grasslands, crops and forestry and integrated land use systems including agroforestry and agroecology including environment and social aspects.

University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Discover Global Society

Prof. Baikady’s research interests are in international social work, social change, social problems, social welfare, social justice, human rights, and social policy and globalization.

Central University of Kerala, India, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, York University, Canada

Our journals

Applied sciences

Advancing theory, methodology, and practice across multiple fields including analytics, management science, and operations.

Advancing research in applied life sciences, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, engineering, material science, and physics.

Advancing computer science research, including foundational computing theories, AI and machine learning, societal impacts of computing, and more.

Advancing data science, including theory and application from all fields.

Advancing electronic and electrical engineering, including electronics, electric vehicles, AI circuits, and more.

Advancing Internet of Things research, including the component and systems level as well as programming and software.

Advancing imaging research, including fundamental imaging techniques, imaging analysis and processing, clinical and translational imaging, and more.

Environmental sciences

Advancing all areas of agriculture, including basic science, applied research, and more.

Advancing atmospheric science research, including atmospheric chemistry and physics, air quality, climatology, and more.

Advancing urban science and research, including urban planning and engineering, city infrastructure and energy, urban life social sciences, and more.

Advancing conservation research, including conservation biology, technologies and methodologies, conservation policies and governance, and more.

Advancing energy research, including theory, development, and applications in energy and fuel.

Advancing environmental science, including methodological and applied science.

Advancing geoscience research, including geophysics, geochemistry, forensic geology, hydrology, biogeoscience, and more.

Advancing oceanography research, including physical oceanography, marine ecology, hydrology, and more.

Advancing soil science research, including soil chemistry, physics, and biology, sustainable agriculture, and soil-plant/water interactions.

Advancing sustainability research, including food security, biodiversity conservation, circular economy, and more.

Advancing water research, including desalination, drinking water, wastewater treatment, water quality, and more.

Humanities and social sciences

Advancing education research, including school, university, vocational, early childhood, and community settings.

Advancing societal research with a global perspective, including aspects of globalisation, neoliberalism, and internationalism.

Advancing behavioural science research, including health, environment, neurosciences, business, economics, ergonomics, and more.

Materials and chemistry

Advancing all fields of chemical engineering research, including fundamental concepts, new developments, and applications for a range of industries.

Advancing the study of chemistry in inorganic, organic, physical, computational and theoretical, bio, environmental, and applied chemistry.

Advancing electrochemistry research, including electrochemical cells, electroanalysis, solid state electrochemistry, applied electrochemistry, and more.

Advancing food science, including theoretical studies, basic science, and applied research.

Advancing materials science innovation, including structural materials, functional materials, energy materials, and more.

Advancing the full range of mineral-associated disciplines, including mineralogy, mineral processing, mineral geochemistry, and geochronology.

Advancing molecular science research and its applications, including macromolecules, molecular informatics, molecular biology, and molecular chemistry.

Advancing nanoscience and nanotechnology research, including nanophysics and nanomaterials in science, biology, chemistry, and engineering.

Advancing polymer science research across polymer science, polymer processing, engineering, and its applications.

Medicine and life sciences

Advancing all fields of animal science, including animal health and welfare, zoology, reproduction, and more.

Advancing bacteriology research, including bacterial physiology, systems biology of bacteria, bacterial ecology, bacterial applications, and more.

Advancing biotechnology research, including synthetic biology, cellular engineering, nucleic acid therapeutics, and more.

Advancing epidemics research, including preparedness, prevention, policy, education, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

Advancing the study of the immune system of humans, plants, and animals, including autoimmunity, allergy, immunoengineering, and more.

Advancing life science research, including biodiversity and evolutionary biology, ecology and conservation, molecular biology and genomics, and more.

Advancing medical and clinical sciences research, including medical technologies, clinical microbiology, nutrition, and more.

Advancing mental health research, including theoretical and fundamental sciences, clinical sciences, and public health.

Advancing oncology research, including basic and translational science, through to preclinical, clinical, and epidemiological.

Advancing the multidisciplinary research of plants, in areas such as plant genomics, plant-animal interactions, agronomy, and crop science.

Advancing the study of public health, including epidemiology, global health, health policy and management, maternal and child health, and more.

Advancing toxicology research relevant to human, animal, and plant toxicology. Including molecular, environmental, clinical, and food toxicology.

Advancing virology research in human, animal, plant, insect, bacterial, and fungal viruses. Including viral evolution and epidemiology, antivirals, and more.

Physics and engineering

Advancing civil engineering, including construction, geotechnics, resource management, eco-materials, and more.

Advancing space science, including celestial mechanics, planetary sciences, cosmology, observational and theoretical astronomy, and more.