Innovations in Cognitive Neuroscience

Book Series
There are 3 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2017

About this series

This book series provides research advances in current and innovative topics in cognitive neuroscience (CNS) of relevance to neuropsychology. In developing themes for the series, the driving considerations have been (1) innovative topics that relate to the existing conventional domains of neurocognitive function such as memory, language, and spatial perception; (2) themes that pertain to newly defined functional neuroanatomy of brain regions and brain circuits; and (3) ideas and concepts that offer new potential in terms of unraveling the complex mechanisms of neurocognitive functions and disorders. The series, which initially comprises six concise volumes, will address all three as areas of cutting-edge research. It involves themes of interest to neuropsychologists, cognitive neuroscientists, and psychiatrists. The topics are attractive to a broad range of researchers and students in the field, not simply to a narrow spectrum of clinicians.