Springer Series on Touch and Haptic Systems

Book Series
There are 18 volumes in this series
Published 2011 - 2021

About this series

The Springer Series on Touch and Haptic Systems is published in collaboration with the EuroHaptics Society. It is focused on publishing new advances and developments in all aspects of haptics.

Haptics is a multi-disciplinary field with researchers from Psychology, Physiology, Neurology, Engineering, and Computer Science (amongst others) contributing to a better understanding of the sense of touch, and researching into how to improve and reproduce Haptic interaction artificially in order to simulate real scenarios.

The series includes monographs focused on specific topics, edited volumes covering general topics from different perspectives, and selected PhD theses. Books in this series focus on Haptics or Haptic interfaces including:

  • Neuroscience
  • Perception & Psychophysics
  • Haptic Rendering
  • Devices and Technology
  • Medical & Rehabilitation Applications
  • Art & Design Applications
  • Collaborative Haptics
  • Mutimodal Interaction
  • Tactile Display & Tactiles
  • Sensing
  • Haptic HCI (Interaction, Visualization)