Advances in Sol-Gel Derived Materials and Technologies

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2011 - 2017

About this series

Sol-gel chemistry has been practiced for more than a century. However, the rapid growth of the field in the past 30 years has been due to the integration of sol-gel techniques into other areas of materials science such as polymers, soft matter, nanostructured materials, and biomaterials. The resulting multidisciplinary approach has allowed the emergence of highly complex materials and new functionalities. Today, sol-gel chemistry is used in a wide range of industrial sectors and applications from catalysis, sensors, and optics to biomedicine and energy to cite a few. The book series “Advances in Sol-Gel Derived Materials and Technologies,” which is published in collaboration with the International Sol-Gel Society, is devoted to fostering an integrative approach to materials and technologies that are prepared and applied using the latest developments in sol-gel methods. Each book is written by internationally recognized experts, and presents a state-of-the-art overview of the topic. The series will serve as an authoritative source for a broad audience of individuals involved in research and product development, and will be of value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in materials science and engineering and solid-state chemistry.