Springer Series on Evidence-Based Crime Policy

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2012 - 2016

About this series

Crime prevention and criminal justice policies are domains of great and growing importance around the world. Despite the rigorous research done in this field, policy decisions are often based more on ideology or speculation than on science. One reason for this may be a lack of comprehensive presentations of the key research affecting policy deliberations. While scientific studies of crime prevention and criminal policy have become more numerous in recent years, they remain widely scattered across a wide range of journals and countries The Springer Series on Evidence-Based Crime Policy aims to pull this evidence together while presenting new research results. This combination in each book should provide, between two covers (or in electronic searches), the best evidence on each topic of crime policy.

The series will publish primary research on crime policies and criminal justice practices, raising critical questions or providing guidance to policy change. The series will try to make it easier for research findings to become key components in decisions about crime and justice policy. The editors welcome proposals for both monographs and edited volumes. There will be a special emphasis on studies using rigorous methods (especially field experiments) to assess crime prevention interventions in areas such as policing, corrections, juvenile justice and crime prevention.