Knowledge and Space

Book Series
There are 15 volumes in this series
Published 2008 - 2020

About this series

The close interrelation of knowledge and power, knowledge and socio-economic development, the conflicts between orthodox and heterodox knowledge systems, and the economisation of knowledge play a decisive role in society and has been studied by various disciplines. The series "Knowledge and Space" is dedicated to topics dealing with the production, application, spatial distribution and diffusion of knowledge. Science Studies, Actor-Network Theory, research on learning organisations, studies on creative milieus, and the Geographies of Knowledge, Education and Science have all highlighted the importance of spatial disparities and of spatial contexts in the creation, legitimisation, diffusion and application of new knowledge. These studies have shown that spatial disparities in knowledge and creativity are not a short-term transitional event, but a fundamental structural element of economy and society.

The volumes in the "Knowledge and Space" series will cover a broad range of topics relevant for all disciplines in the humanities, social sciences and economics focusing on knowledge, intellectual capital or human capital, e.g. clashes of knowledge, milieus of creativity, Geographies of Knowledge and Science, the storing of knowledge and cultural memories, the economization of knowledge, knowledge and power, learning organizations, the ethnic and cultural dimensions of knowledge, knowledge and action, and the spatial mobility of knowledge. These topics are to be analysed and discussed at an interdisciplinary level by scholars from various disciplines, schools of thought and cultures.