Use R!

Book Series
There are 79 volumes in this series
Published 2006 - 2021

About this series

This series of inexpensive and focused books on R is aimed at practitioners. Books can discuss the use of R in a particular subject area (e.g., epidemiology, econometrics, psychometrics) or as it relates to statistical topics (e.g., missing data, longitudinal data). In most cases, books combine LaTeX and R so that the code for figures and tables can be put on a website. Authors should assume a background as supplied by Dalgaard’s Introductory Statistics with R or other introductory books so that each book does not repeat basic material.

How to Submit Your Proposal 

Book proposals and manuscripts should be submitted to one of the publishing editors in your region per email – for the list of statistics editors by their location please see All submissions should include a completed Book Proposal Form. 


For general and technical questions regarding the series and the submission process please contact Michael Penn ( or Veronika Rosteck (