Studies of Classical India

Book Series
There are 12 volumes in this series
Published 1978 - 1992

About this series

The aim of this series is to publish fundamental studies concerning classical Indian civilization. It includes editions of texts, translations, specialized studies, and scholarly works of more general interest related to various fields of classical Indian culture such as philosophy, grammar, literature, religion, art, and history. In this context, the term `Classical India', covers a vast area both historically and geographically, and embraces various religions and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, and many languages from Vedic and Epic Sanskrit to Pali, Prakrit, and Apabhramsa. We believe that in a profoundly traditional society like India, the study of classical culture is always relevant and important. Classical India presents an interesting record of deep human experience, thoughts, beliefs, and myths, which have been a source of inspiration for countless generations. We are persuaded of its lasting value and relevance to modern man. By using extensive and for the most part unexplored material with scientific rigor and modern methodology, the authors and editors of this series hope to stimulate and promote interest and research in a field that needs to be placed in its proper perspective.