Reviews: Methods and Technologies in Fish Biology and Fisheries

Book Series
There are 11 volumes in this series
Published 2001 - 2009

About this series

Reviews: Methods and Technology in Fish Biology and Fisheries is an international book series publishing important new findings, processes, and protocols in the science and management of fish and fisheries. This series will focus on the application of new technologies, management policies, and critical scientific foci in a diversity of disciplines as they apply to aquatic and marine ecosystems. Books in this series will provide original studies, synthesis information, and opinion on methods and technologies as they first become available to scientists and managers. The aim is to give voice to evolving applications and protocols as they develop within the community and provide quick and easy access to editors and authors working at the cutting-edge of their field throughout the world.
There is need for a forum with honest and extensive investigations of new issues in resource management and science in today's integrated global society. Reviews: Methods and Technology in Fish Biology and Fisheries aims to provide that information in a timely and thorough manner through peer-reviewed volumes edited by the leading scientists in their field. These volumes will serve as platforms for discussion of the pros and cons of new developments and technologies in fish biology and fisheries. They will serve the community through an international distribution of new knowledge, procedures and technologies critical to evolving issues and scientific questions focused throughout the world.
This series caters to those with interests in fish biology, fisheries, aquatic ecosystems, resource conservation, policy, management, natural resource technologies, modeling and assessment. The audience includes individuals in research, teaching or management from universities, research institutes, industry, regional and federal governments non-profits and international organizations. Prospective authors and/or editors should consult the Series Editor or Publishing Editor for more details. Series Editor: Jennifer Nielsen - Publishing Editor: Alexandrine Cheronet -