Numerical Methods and Algorithms

Book Series
There are 6 volumes in this series
Published 2002 - 2008

About this series

The book series Numerical Methods and Algorithms publishes monographs devoted to numerical methods and algorithms, carefully selected proceedings, and reference books such as handbooks.

Books can either have a theoretical nature or present algorithms, software, and/or applications.

All areas of numerical analysis are taken into consideration: general principles, numerical linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, integral equations, difference equations, systems of nonlinear equations, interpolation and approximation, splines, optimization, numerical quadrature and cubature, linear and integer programming, computer arithmetic, control theory, fractals, wavelets, etc. Books on computer algebra concerned with obtaining numerical results are also welcome.
All aspects of algorithms are covered: new algorithms, theoretical results, implementation on various computer architectures, numerical stability, complexity, computational features, software, and numerical questions which arise in different fields of applied science.

The audience for the books is advanced students (doctoral and post-doctoral level), researchers and engineers in numerical analysis, computer science, applied mathematics and in the various branches of science concerned with numerical computations.
Proposals for the series should be sent by e-mail to its editor Claude Brezinski at

Editorial Board:

Prof. Martin Buhmann, University of Giessen (Germany)

Prof. Kevin Burrage, University of Queensland (Australia)

Prof. Lothar Reichel, Kent State University (USA)

Prof. Michela Redivo-Zaglia, University of Padua (Italy)