Mathematical Modelling: Theory and Applications

Book Series
There are 22 volumes in this series
Published 1996 - 2009

About this series

MATHEMATICAL MODELLING - Theory and Applications is aimed at publishing work dealing with the definition, development and application of fundamental theory and methodology, computational and algorithmic implementations and comprehensive empirical studies in mathematical modelling. Work on new mathematics inspired by the construction of mathematical models, combining theory and experiment and furthering the understanding of the systems being modelled are particularly welcomed.
Manuscripts to be considered for publication lie within the following, non-exhaustive list of areas: mathematical modelling in engineering, industrial mathematics, control theory, operations research, decision theory, economic modelling, mathematical programming, mathematical system theory, geophysical sciences, climate modelling, environmental processes, mathematical modelling in psychology, political science, sociology and behavioural sciences, mathematical biology, mathematical ecology, image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems, and approximate reasoning, genetic algorithms, neural networks, expert systems, pattern recognition, clustering, chaos and fractals.
Original monographs, comprehensive surveys as well as edited collections will be considered for publication.