Lifelong Learning Book Series

Book Series
There are 22 volumes in this series
Published 2004 - 2016

About this series

Competing visions and paradigms for lifelong learning co-exist at national as well as international levels. The fact that one ‘official’ discourse may be dominant at any one time does not mean that other ways of thinking about learning throughout the life course have disappeared. They are alive and well in a range of critical traditions and perspectives that retain their power to engage and persuade.

In this series, contributors critically analyse issues in lifelong learning that have important implications for policy and practice in different parts of the world. Evidence, ideas and the polity can mobilise political thinking in new directions, as policy makers search for the new ‘big idea’. In turbulent times, ideas for better connecting system worlds and life worlds in the pursuit of broader and more just forms of meritocracy can focus compellingly on learning as a lifelong process which links, rather than separates, the older and younger generations and incorporates the re

alities of working lives.

The series aims to engage scholars, practitioners, policy-makers and professionals with contemporary research and practice, and to provoke fresh thinking and innovation in lifelong learning. Each volume is firmly based on high quality scholarship and a keen awareness of both emergent and enduring issues in practice and policy. We welcome work from a range of disciplines and, in particular, inter- and multi-disciplinary research which approaches contemporary and emerging global and local challenges in innovative ways. Through advocacy of broad, diverse and inclusive approaches to learning throughout the life course, the series aspires to be a leading resource for researchers and practitioners who seek to rethink lifelong learning to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.

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Forthcoming volumes:

Interventions in Career Design and Education: Transformation for Sustainable Development and Decent Work by Valérie Cohen-Scali et al (eds.)- due mid 2018

Education and Learning of Adults: A Cartography of Research by Andreas Fejes and Erik Nylander (eds.) – due end 2018

Inequality, Innovation and Reform in Higher Education: Challenges of migration and ageing Populations by Maria Slowey and Hans G. Schuetze (eds.)- due beginning 2019

Series Editors:

Karen Evans, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK
Andrew Brown, UCL Institute of Education, London, UK

Advisory Board:

Richard Desjardins, University of California, USA
Kitty te Riele, University of Tasmania, Australia
Yukiko Sawano, University of the Sacred Heart, Japan
Maria Slowey, Dublin City University, Ireland
Maurice Taylor, University of Ottawa, Canada
Ann-Charlotte Teglborg, ESCP Europe Business School, Paris, France
Rebecca Ye, Stockholm University, Sweden
Dayong Yuan, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (BAES), China