Landscape Series

Book Series
There are 21 volumes in this series
Published 2003 - 2020

About this series

Springer’s innovative Landscape Series is committed to publishing high quality manuscripts that approach the concept of landscape from a broad range of perspectives. Encouraging contributions that are scientifically-grounded and solutions-oriented, the series attracts outstanding research from the natural and social sciences, and from the humanities and the arts. It also provides a leading forum for publications from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams. 
The Landscape Series particularly welcomes contributions around several globally significant areas for landscape research: 
Ecosystem processes linked to landscapes and regions  Regional ecology (including bioregional theory & application)  Coupled human-environment systems / interactions (CHES)  Ecosystem services   Global change science and adaptation strategies 
Volumes in the series can be authored or edited works, cohesively connected around these topics and tied to global initiatives.  Ultimately, the Series aims to facilitate the application of landscape research to practice in a changing world, and to advance the contributions of landscape theory and research to the broader scholarly community.