Information Science and Knowledge Management

Book Series
There are 16 volumes in this series
Published 2000 - 2010

About this series

Recent developments in areas such as digitization and networking are resulting in entirely new ways for creating, distributing, storing and using knowledge. The information chain is becoming a digital chain. This is true both for the distribution of knowledge content from authors to users, and for the exchange of knowledge within organizations. Digital libraries and digital publishing are examples of these developments, as is the increasing interest in knowledge management. Information science is an area of research which provides answers to the many questions and problems arising from these developments.
The series on Information Science and Knowledge Management aims to document developments in this subject and to bring together insights derived from research in it. The series focuses on three topic areas: theory, developments in the information chain and organizational and management issues.
Major topics:
Theoretical aspects, e.g.:

  • Information retrieval (e.g. linguistic and knowledge-based techniques)
  • Multimedia database systems
  • Theory of knowledge management in organizations.
  • In depth research into current and future developments in the information chain
  • The role of new information technologies
  • The development of digital libraries.
    Organizational and management issues:
  • Management innovation in publishing
  • Managing innovation in libraries
  • Managing knowledge resources in organizations.