Issues in Business Ethics


The Issues in Business Ethics series aims to showcase the work of scholars who critically assess the state of contemporary business ethics theory and practice by means of rigorous philosophical analyses and/ or normative evaluation. The series wants to be an outlet for authors who bring the wealth of philosophical literature to bear on contemporary issues in the global business ethics realm.The series especially welcomes work that addresses the interrelations between the agent, organization and society, thus exploiting the differences and connections between the micro, meso and macro levels of moral and political analysis. The series aims to establish and further the conversation between scholars, experts and practitioners who do not typically have the benefit of each others' company and as such, it welcomes contributions from various philosophical paradigms, and from a wide array of scholars who are active within in the international business context. Its audience includes scholars and practitioners, as well as senior students, and its subject matter will be relevant to various sectors that have an interest and stake in international business ethics. The scope of the series is therefore broad, but preference will be given to studies that draw on a thorough literature review and other theoretical methodologies, rather than empirical work. Authors from all continents are welcome to submit proposals, though the series does seek to encourage a global discourse of a critical and normative nature. The series insists on rigor from a scholarly perspective, but authors are encouraged to write in a style accessible to a broader audience and to seek out subject matter of practical relevance.