Husserliana: Edmund Husserl – Materialien

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 2001 - 2012

About this series

As part of the Husserliana, the Husserl-Archives in Leuven, Belgium, introduced a subseries entitled Materialien for the publication of manuscripts from the Nachlass of Edmund Husserl. This series is complementary to the existing series of Edmund Husserl - Gesammelte Werke and Dokumente.

This series will publish reliable transcriptions of unpublished manuscripts. In contrast with the Gesammelte Werke, the texts will not be arranged into titled parts, chapters, and paragraph, insofar Husserl did not do this himself, nor will supplementary texts be provided. The textual criticism will be limited to footnotes documenting only the most important textual changes and references. In the editor’s introduction information on the text’s history and editing will be given.

The reason for this new series is to make available certain texts from Husserl’s Nachlass which, although essential and historically instructive, will not be published in the Gesammelte Werke. First to be published are a series of lectures. Husserl usually worked out the greater part of his lectures in writing. In general, these lectures differ from the research manuscripts in that they are more accessible and more thematically complete in themselves, which makes them highly suitable for an introduction into Husserl’s phenomenology in general or into specific thematic fields. In addition, these lectures allow important conclusions to be drawn on the development of Husserl’s ideas. The lectures to be published in the new series will, for example, comprise lectures on logic and the theory of judgment from his Halle and Göttingen period, and also introductory lectures on epistemology, phenomenology and philosophy, as well as a lecture on Nature und Geist (nature and spirit) from his Göttingen period and his first Freiburg years.

The Husserliana Materialien series will also allow the publication of transcriptions of important research manuscripts, which for various reasons cannot be published for some time in the Gesammelte Werke. In this way, Husserl’s late manuscripts on time, the so-called C-manuscripts, can be published in a timely fashion in the new series. Apart from Husserl’s lectures and research manuscripts the new series also provides an opportunity to publish some drafts and compilations based on Husserl’s manuscripts worked out by his assistants.

Edited under the auspices of the Husserl-Archives, Louvain, Belgium.

If one wishes to receive permission to republish or translate the Husserliana Gesammelte Werke, Husserliana Collected Works, Husserliana Dokumente, or Husserliana Materialien, (including parts thereof) permission must be granted by Springer Nature.  Although Husserl’s original, unedited texts are in the public domain and maintained by the Husserl Archives, Springer Nature, as copyright holder, licenses volumes (and extracts) from the Husserliana Gesammelte Werke,  Husserliana Collected Works, Husserliana Dokumente, and Husserliana Materialien.

Translators of Husserl’s texts (including parts thereof) must submit (samples of) their translation for review by the Husserl Archives in Leuven prior to publication.

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