Disease Management of Fruits and Vegetables

Book Series
There are 2 volumes in this series
Published 2004 - 2006

About this series

Disease Management includes use of a combination of methods/strategies to check a whole spectrum of pathogens, pests, physiological changes within a particular cropping system. The aim of this series is to provide an overview of disease management of fruits and vegetables, highlighting the major problem areas and contentious issues and where possible, attempting to identify promising lines and directions for future research and implementation. Disease management involves a number of stake holders ranging from scientists to farmers an agri-business to consumers.
This series is meant to cater the needs of a vast array of biologists and agriculturists who are concerned about the loss of produce due to plant diseases in general. The population of the world is increasing in a horrifying proportion compared to food production. The total requirement of cereals is not enough to feed. Eating habits are slightly changing and shifting towards fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables make a significant contribution towards human diet as the key source of nutrition.
Disease Management of Fruits and Vegetables is specially prepared for students in botany, agriculture (food production and management of plant diseases), horticulture; planners and teachers in plant pathology, mycology, botany and agriculture. This book will form an essential requirement for both beginners as well as advanced researchers of both developing and developed countries.
This series is unique in many ways. There is no single book reviewing all aspects of diseases of fruits and vegetables. This series will have different volumes under one broad series. Users can get the latest information on diseases of individual fruits and vegetables. Volumes will be fully devoted to "Integrated Disease Management", "Biocontrol of Diseases", "Physiological Disorders and their Management", and many other topics not reviewed earlier. Each volume will be edited by experts/authorities in the field. Effort will be made to accumulate all the widely dispersed information in various scientific journals, government reports and other publications. Each chapter in a volume will be vividly illustrated to make it more understandable to students, research workers, planners, administrators and other end users citing pertinent and complete and up-to-date references.
The first volume in this series is "Fruit and Vegetable Diseases". It deals with important diseases due to bacteria, fungi, viruses and physiological disorders and their management. The other volumes under preparation are:

  • Volume 2: Allelochemicals;
  • Volume 3: Physiological Disorders and Their Management;
  • Volume 4: Integrated Disease Management;
  • Volume 5: Fungal Diseases.