Coastal Systems and Continental Margins

Book Series
There are 13 volumes in this series
Published 1995 - 2010

About this series

Tectonic, climate and sea-level changes, whether driven by local or global factors, have profound influence on the sedimentary, geochemical and biotic patterns along the margins of the continents. The societal relevance of the coastal zone and the continental margins has become increasingly evident in recent years. Major Earth and Ocean science issues await resolution on the ocean margins as research in this area advances rapidly. The book series, entitled COASTAL SYSTEMS AND CONTINENTAL MARGINS, was launched as a response to a strongly felt need for a vehicle that brings together results of scientific investigations in the area of eustatic, tectonic and climatic variations that drive environmental and sedimentary changes along continental margins and interior seaways, and indirectly, in the open ocean as well. Understanding of the changes in the sedimentary patterns forced by migrating shorelines of the geological past are also axiomatic for hydrocarbon exploration and production. The role of ocean margins in global climate change and the projections of future behavior of sea level and its implications for the coastal communities and their economies are vital societal issues.
COASTAL SYSTEMS AND CONTINENTAL MARGINS will publish collections of edited and reviewed articles, volumes of symposia proceedings on topics of scientific and societal issues, as well as specially written texts synthesizing topics within the broad scope of the series stated above. This includes topics related to eustasy, cyclic or rhythmic sedimentation and sequence stratigraphy, sedimentary, biotic and chemical changes in the coastal areas and continental margins and their environmental and economic repercussions. In addition, texts on coastal zone management, an imperative for intelligent use of living and non-living maritime resources for the future will also be welcome.