Computational Biology

Book Series
There are 26 volumes in this series
Published 2000 - 2018

About this series

Titles in this series now included in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index!

Sponsored by the International Society for Computational Biology, the Computational Biology series publishes the very latest, high-quality research devoted to specific issues in computer-assisted analysis of biological data. The main emphasis is on current scientific developments and innovative techniques in computational biology (bioinformatics), bringing to light methods from mathematics, statistics and computer science that directly address biological problems currently under investigation.

The series offers publications that present the state-of-the-art regarding the problems in question; show computational biology/bioinformatics methods at work; and finally discuss anticipated demands regarding developments in future methodology. Titles can range from focused monographs, to undergraduate and graduate textbooks, and professional text/reference works.

Springer is

seeking to publish quality books in the areas including, but not limited to:
- Databases, Data Analysis and Ontologies
- Functional and Comparative Genomics
- Gene Regulation and Transcriptomics
- Protein Interactions and Networks
- Data, Literature and Text Mining
- Molecular Sequence Analysis
- Biological Networks
- Sequencing and Genotyping Technologies
- Population Genetics
- Systems Biology
- Imaging and Visualization
- Computational Proteomics
- Molecular Structural Biology
- Evolution and Phylogenetics
- Metagenomics
- Biomedical Applications
- High Performance Bio-Computing
- Synthetic Biological Systems