Conservation Biology

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 1991 - 2001

About this series

The Series has been discontinued. The aim of this Series was to provide major summaries of important topics in conservation. The books have the following features:

  • original material
  • readable and attractive format
  • authoritative, comprehensive, thorough and well-referenced
  • based on ecological science
  • designed for specialists, students and naturalists.

In the last twenty years conservation has been recognized as one of the most important of all human goals and activities. Since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio in June 1992, biodiversity has been recognized as a major topic within nature conservation, and each participating country is to prepare its biodiversity strategy. Those scientists preparing these strategies recognize monitoring as an essential part of any such strategy.
This Series covers subjects such as conservation management, conservation issues, evaluation of wildlife and biodiversity.
The series contains texts that are scientific and authoritative and present the reader with precise, reliable and succinct information. Each volume is scientifically based, fully referenced and attractively illustrated. They are readable and appealing to both advanced students and active members of conservation organizations.