MCBU Molecular and Cell Biology Updates

Book Series
There are 16 volumes in this series
Published 1992 - 2000

About this series

Azzi, A., University of Berne, Switzerland / Packer, L., University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.

This book series highlights recent advances and new directions that mirror the advancement of cellular and molecular biology in the world. The series editors seek to organize state-of-the-art volumes in selected areas of molecular and cell biology. UNESCO Global Network for Molecular and Cell Biology (MCBN) has emphasized many topics for the network’s activities.

Series editors will ensure that high-quality subjects are selected with the most outstanding volume editors. Authoritative chapters will best serve the interests of the scientific community, with a de-emphasis on archival nature and an emphasis on overview, insights, and future directions of research. The scope of this series encompasses most traditional disciplines (e.g. biochemistry, biophysics, cell physiology, microbiology etc.) Through these volumes, UNESCO / MCBN seeks to assist in the development of programs that will bring ideas and talent together and to speed the progress of research in the field of molecular and cell biology. These volumes will be one means to gain access to research and to utilize the knowledge obtained on a global basis.