Update in Plastic Surgery

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2001 - 2001

About this series

This series provides a presentation of the latest scientific developments in plastic surgery and fills the gaps of existing publications in this field. On the basis of one volume per year, the aims are threefold:
First, the contents of each volume will concentrate on a single topic; a topic that is either new in plastic surgery or is undergoing significant changes.
Second, the relatively narrow topic chosen as subject matter for each volume will be described and discussed in all its facets. Authors will be selected for their competence in the selected field, and their contributions will represent the most up-to-date view either based on individual research or on their experience and ideas in the operating theatre.
Third, this series aims to represent plastic surgery being carried out within Europe in a manner that testifies not only to its traditional role but also to the innovative nature within an international context of the work being done.
When conflicting opinions arise, these will also be presented in order to offer a complete and representative overview. However, the aim will still be to present as far as possible a clear up-to-date picture of the subject discussed so that a reliable guideline based on the latest research is given.