Springer Laboratory

Manuals in Polymer Science

Book Series
There are 19 volumes in this series
Published 1999 - 2019

About this series

The Springer Laboratory Manuals on Polymer Science are a series of books that aim at presenting the state-of–the-art of different methods of polymer analysis and characterization. In contrast to typical monographs describing fundamental approaches to analytical methods, the principal items of the laboratory manuals are detailed work procedures. Accompanied by a short introductory chapter on the theoretical background, the different volumes are divided into chapters on experimental procedures, equipment, tips and tricks, trouble shooting, and applications. Extensive use is made of sketches, schemes, flow diagrams, tables, and charts. The volumes of the series will familiarize polymer chemists, polymer physicists, and materials scientists as well as students of macromolecular and analytical sciences with methods of polymer analysis from an experimental perspective. They will enable experimentalists to plan, optimize and carry out their own experiments on polymer analysis and characterization.