Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Book Series
There are 52 volumes in this series
Published 1987 - 2020

About this series

The Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering publishes monographs and textbooks on important topics in theory and practice of Operations Research, Management Science, and Financial Engineering. The Series is distinguished by high standards in content and exposition, and special attention to timely or emerging practice in industry, business, and government. Subject areas include:

Linear, integer and non-linear programming including applications; dynamic programming and stochastic control; interior point methods; multi-objective optimization; Supply chain management, including inventory control, logistics, planning and scheduling; Game theory Risk management and risk analysis, including actuarial science and insurance mathematics; Queuing models, point processes, extreme value theory, and heavy-tailed phenomena; Networked systems, including telecommunication, transportation, and many others; Quantitative finance: portfolio modeling, options, and derivative securities; Revenue management and quantitative marketing Innovative statistical applications such as detection and inference in very large and/or high dimensional data streams; Computational economics