Kobe University Monograph Series in Social Science Research

Book Series
There are 8 volumes in this series
Published 2019 - 2021

About this series

The Kobe University Monograph Series in Social Science Research is an exciting interdisciplinary collection of monographs, both authored and edited, that encompass scholarly research not only in the economics but also in law, political science, business and management, accounting, international relations, and other sub-disciplines within the social sciences. As a national university with a special strength in the social sciences, Kobe University actively promotes interdisciplinary research. This series is not limited only to research emerging from Kobe University’s faculties of social sciences but also welcomes cross-disciplinary research that integrates studies in the arts and sciences. 
Kobe University, founded in 1902, is the second oldest national higher education institution for commerce in Japan and is now a preeminent institution for social science research and education in the country. Currently, the social sciences section includes four faculties—Law, Economics, Business Administration, and International Cooperation Studies—and the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration (RIEB). There are some 230-plus researchers who belong to these faculties and conduct joint research through the Center for Social Systems Innovation and the Organization for Advanced and Integrated Research, Kobe University.

This book series comprises academic works by researchers in the social sciences at Kobe University as well as their collaborators at affiliated institutions, Kobe University alumni and their colleagues, and renowned scholars from around the world who have worked with academic staff at Kobe University. Although traditionally the research of Japanese scholars has been publicized mainly in the Japanese language, Kobe University strives to promote publication and dissemination of works in English in order to further contribute to the global academic community.
Editorial Board MembersMasahiro Enomoto, Professor, Kobe UniversityYoshihide Fujioka, Professor, Kobe UniversityYuka Kaneko, Professor, Kobe UniversityKazumi Suzuki, Professor, Kobe UniversityKenji Yamamoto, Professor, Kobe University