Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2019 - 2019

About this series

The aim of this series is to provide the latest ethological information on the major groupings of marine mammals, in six separate books roughly organized in similar manner. These groupings are the 1) toothed whales and dolphins, 2) baleen whales, 3) eared seals and walrus, 4) true seals, 5) sea otter, marine otter and polar bear, and 6) manatees and dugong, the sirens.  The scope shall present 1) general patterns of ethological ways of animals in their natural environments, with a strong bent towards modern behavioral ecology; and 2) examples of particularly well-studied species and species groups for which we have enough data. The scope shall be in the form of general and specific reviews for concepts and species, with an emphasis especially on data gathered in the past 15 years or so. The editors and authors are all established scientists in their fields, even though some of them are quite young.