Innovation and Discovery in Russian Science and Engineering

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 2018 - 2020

About this series

This Series provides rapid dissemination of the most recent and advanced work in engineering, science, and technology originating within the foremost Russian Institutions, including the new Federal District Universities.  It publishes outstanding, high-level pure and applied fields of science and all disciplines of engineering. All volumes in the Series are published in English and available to the international community. Whereas research into scientific problems and engineering challenges within Russia has, historically, developed along different lines than in Europe and North America. It has yielded similarly remarkable achievements utilizing different tools and methodologies than those used in the West. Availability of these contributions in English opens new research perspectives to members of the scientific and engineering community across the world and promotes dialogue at an international level around the important work of the Russian colleagues. The broad range of topics examined in the Series represent highly original research contributions and important technologic best practices developed in Russia and rigorously reviewed by peers across the international scientific community.