Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets, and Governance

Book Series
There are 8 volumes in this series
Published 2018 - 2021

About this series

Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets, and Governance takes a fresh and global approach to issues of corporate social responsibility, regulation, governance, and sustainability. It encompasses such issues as: environmental sustainability and managing the resources of the world; geopolitics and sustainability; global markets and their regulation; governance and the role of supranational bodies; sustainable production and resource acquisition; society and sustainability.


Although primarily a business and management series, it is interdisciplinary and includes contributions from the social sciences, technology, engineering, politics, philosophy, and other disciplines. It focuses on the issues at a meta-level, and investigates the ideas, organisation, and infrastructure required to address them.


The series is grounded in the belief that any global consideration of sustainability must include such issues as governance, regulation, geopolitics, the environment, and economic activity in combination to recognise the issues and develop solutions for the planet. At present such global meta-analysis is rare as current research assumes that the identification of local best practice will lead to solutions, and individual disciplines act in isolation rather than being combined to identify truly global issues and solutions.