Human Well-Being Research and Policy Making

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2019 - 2020

About this series

This series creates a dialogue between well-being scholars and well-being public policy makers. Well-being theory, research and practice are essentially interdisciplinary in nature and embrace contributions from all disciplines within the social sciences. With the exception of leading economists, the policy relevant contributions of social scientists are widely scattered and lack the coherence and integration needed to more effectively inform the actions of policy makers. Contributions in the series focus on one more of the following four aspects of well-being and public policy:

  • Discussions of the public policy and well-being focused on particular nations and worldwide regions
  • Discussions of the public policy and well-being in specialized sectors of policy making such as health, education, work, social welfare, housing, transportation, use of leisure time
  • Discussions of public policy and well-being associated with particular population groups such as women, children and youth, the aged, persons with disabilities and vulnerable populations
  • Special topics in well-being and public policy such as technology and well-being, terrorism and well-being, infrastructure and well-being.