Child Maltreatment Solutions Network

Book Series
There are 2 volumes in this series
Published 2017 - 2018

About this series

This book series is based on an annual conference held by Penn State University’s Network on Child Protection and Well-Being. The conference focuses on key issues in child maltreatment. It brings together 200 scholars and policy experts with the following aims:


-        Promote interdisciplinary dialogue and stimulate research on child maltreatment

-        Promote scholarly excellence by inviting leaders in the field to present and dialogue

-        Identify promising issues and solutions in the field of child maltreatment that are not covered by professional societies, foundations, or government agencies


The conference and book series continue the Network’s efforts to target a range of issues pertaining to child maltreatment. Approximately ten to fifteen top scholars in the field of child maltreatment convene to present and critique research on the identified topic and to consider the implications for future research and next directions. The conference brings together scholars from diverse fields including child and human development, psychology, education, law, and policy. The symposium organizers, Jennie Noll and Sandee Kyler, also make an effort to include international scholars.