SpringerBriefs in GIS

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2018 - 2018

About this series

SpringerBriefs in GIS present compact, concise summaries of cutting-edge research, practical applications and visualizations in the use of geographical information systems. At 50 to 125 pages (approx. 20,000 – 50,000) words, SpringerBriefs in GIS provides researchers and practitioners with an innovative venue to present work that might be longer and more complex in scope than a journal article.


This series aims to cover a wide range of topics related to geographical information science and geographical information systems. Potential topics could include: an in-depth case study on the use of GIS to accomplish a specific goal; a guide to an emerging GIS tool, technique or map; a “hot-take” on or snapshot of a current issue that needs to be published as quickly as possible (just 8-12 weeks after a manuscript’s delivery and acceptance).  Multidisciplinary studies are particularly welcome.


SpringerBriefs are distributed through the same channels as Springer’s book content, and are available as physical books and full and chapter-wise eBooks. Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts are considered for publication in this series. Please send questions and proposals to Zachary Romano, Associate Editor, Earth Science, Environment, and Geography, at Zachary.Romano@Springer.com.