Geography of the Physical Environment

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 2017 - 2021

About this series

The Geography of the Physical Environment book series provides a platform for scientific contributions in the field of Physical Geography and its subdisciplines. It publishes a broad portfolio of scientific books covering case studies, theoretical and applied approaches as well as novel developments and techniques in the field. The scope is not limited to a certain spatial scale and can cover local and regional to continental and global facets. Books with strong regional focus should be well illustrated including significant maps and meaningful figures to be potentially used as field guides and standard references for the respective area.

The series appeals to scientists and students in the field of geography as well as regional scientists, landscape planners, policy makers, and everyone interested in wide-ranging aspects of modern Physical Geography. Peer-reviewed research monographs, edited volumes, advance and undergraduate level textbooks, and conference proceedings covering the major topics in Physical Geography are included in the series. Submissions to the Book Series are also invited on the theme ‘The Physical Geography of…’, with a relevant subtitle of the author’s/editor’s choice. Please contact the Publisher for further information and to receive a Book Proposal Form.