Palgrave Studies in World Environmental History

Book Series
There are 12 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2019

About this series

The widespread perception of a global environmental crisis has stimulated the burgeoning interest in environmental studies and  has encouraged a range of scholars, including historians, to place the environment at the heart of their analytical and conceptual explorations. An understanding of the history of human interactions with all parts of the cultivated and non-cultivated surface of the earth and with living organisms and other physical phenomena is increasingly seen as an essential aspect both of historical scholarship and in adjacent fields, such as the history of science, anthropology, geography and sociology. Environmental history can be of considerable assistance in efforts to comprehend the traumatic environmental difficulties facing us today, while making us reconsider the bounds of possibility open to humans over time and space in their interaction with different environments. This series explores these interactions in studies that together touch on all parts of the globe and all manner of environments including the built environment. Books in the series come from a wide range of fields of scholarship, from the sciences, social sciences and humanities. The series particularly encourages interdisciplinary projects that emphasize historical engagement with science and other fields of study.