Quantitative Archaeology and Archaeological Modelling

Book Series
There are 2 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2018

About this series

Quantitative approaches and modelling techniques have played an increasingly significant role in archaeology over the last few decades, as can be seen both by their prominence in published research and in university courses. Despite this popularity, there remains only a limited number of book-length treatments in archaeology on these subjects (with the exception perhaps being general-purpose GIS).'Quantitative Archaeology and Archaeological Modelling’ is a book series that therefore responds to this need for (a) basic, methodologically transparent, manuals for teaching at all levels, (b) good practice guides with a series of reproducible case studies, and (c) higher-level extended discussions of bleeding edge problems. This series is also intended to be interdisciplinary in the analytical theory and method it fosters, international in its scope, datasets, contributors and audience, and open to both deliberately novel and well-established approaches.