Vision, Illusion and Perception

Book Series
There are 2 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2018

About this series

The Vision, Illusion and Perception (VIP) book series publishes new developments and advances in the fields of Vision and Perception research, rapidly and informally and with a high quality. The series publishes fundamental principles as well as state-of-the-art theories, methods and applications in the highly interdisciplinary field of Vision Science, Perception and multisensory processes related to vision. It covers all the technical contents, applications, and multidisciplinary aspects of fields such as Cognitive Science, Computational and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Psychology, Physics, Eye Research, Ophthalmology, and Neuroscience. In addition, the series will embrace the growing interplay between the art and science of vision. Within the scope of the series are monographs, popular science books, and selected contributions from specialized conferences and workshops.